We Are One Fitness of Houston

Doran Seiler​


Fitness has always been a passion of mine. Once I lifted my first weights in middle school, I never looked back. Admittedly, I never really knew what to do with this passion of mine. I was never a big fan of one-on-one training and I never really wanted to work for a big commercial gym, but I still wanted to share my knowledge and help those trying to reach their fitness goals.

Will Orellana


For the past 10 years Will has been dedicated to helping others manage their risk and secure their financial futures as a celebrated insurance agent but his need to help others does not end there. From a young age he has been passionate about football and basketball, but his true love will always be soccer.

Jose Alvarado​


Jose has been involved with WAOF since July 2015. He began his involvement by attending Doran’s voluntary fitness camps at a local football field.

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